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I had a client the other day ask me, what makes someone successful in their job search? The people who work with you do that they get the job? What do they do differently? I have found it comes down to two things. In this video I’ll tell you what that one thing is and give you some job search tips to use to get started.

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So, what do the successful people do differently? It’s going to sound so easy, but just because something sounds easy doesn’t mean it’s easy to actually do.

First tip: They put in the work.

Second tip: They trust the process.

Your career search can feel really murky- what job do I apply for? What’s the point of this coffee? Why am I writing this resume or taking this class to build a skill I don’t know I’ll use? You have to trust that there will be a great end result to all the time and use you are putting into these skills.

So, if you are ready to put in the work and trust the tools will work, where do you start?

Tip 3: You start by having a ready to go career toolkit.

And a bonus tip 4: You need to spend more time meeting people in the world than at home applying online, so start asking people to coffee.

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