Our channel was created to document the daily lives of monkeys habituating in Angkor Archeological Area, approximately 8 km from Siem Reap Downtown, , Cambodia. Macaques are an endangered species and here in the ancient city of Angkor City, they also face the extinction. The most vulnerable types are those with long-tailed. They are being smuggling to the neighboring country for food by eating their brain alive. This is what I’m scared and feel my heartbreaking for them the most. Thus, they are in need of our help for their continued survival. They face many hardships such as habitat loss, diminishing resources, and drastic changes to regional weather seasons. You’re my channel’s fans, you surely can make a positive differences by sharing what you learn about these monkeys or joining conservations effort to help protect them. Because at least once a month, we often spot the corpse of a monkey in the forest with the wound on their neck or other places on their body. Seems like they were runnig for life from some abuse or killing for food or smuggling. And of course, some are also missing. We really do not like it happen and we will be against these violent actions to this human-like creatures.
Anyway, all monkeys have their names and you can follow their daily lives since we will try to video them every day. We will tell you how to recognize each monkey because they all have each significant identification.
If you have any ideas about our videos or what you want us to more focus, please kindly comment below. And don’t forget to subscribe our videos for more educational videos. Thanks in advance.

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