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HELLO everybody! So annoying that the sun kept going in and out of the clouds so lighting is kinda bad. ooooh well. Live and learn, right haha. Which team are you in btw? Team Snow vacay or Team beach vacay?
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Is this video the second one for this year? That means there is 50 more to go, hahahaha xD
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My absolute go to workout program!! 4 day strength workout.

Squats 5×5
smith machine squats 4×12
lunges in a smith 4×12
romanian deadlift 3×12
glute bridge 3×12

Pull ups 4×10
bench press 4×10
bent over row 3×8
hex presses 3×12
lateral raises 4×12
tricep pushdown 4×8
EZ bar bicep curl 4×10

Lower body:
Deadlift 5×5
Leg press 5×10
walking lunges 4×10
superman 4×10
+ Core & abs

Incline bench 4×12
Lat pull down 3×12
cable cross 4×12
seated row 4×12
shoulder press DB 4×10
DB bicep curl 3×10
Lateral raises 4×12
tricep pushdown 3×15

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