How To Have A Successful Creative Career – Interview with RED

How To Have A Successful Creative Career – Interview with RED

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This video is an interview with a very inspiring well renowned fine artist and designer. Why would I feature a fine artist? It’s because this amazing artist’s journey will inspire yours as a singer. I promise!

Below are some of Red’s amazing advice:

“Be satisfied with putting yourself out there.”

“Focus on people who believe in you.”

“Consistently DO and you will improve.”

“Look back and celebrate your progress.”

“Shut up your inner critic & do it anyway!”

“Be flexible & embrace change.”

“Be open to doing things differently.”

“Embrace fear & let it drive you forward.”

This artist has been featured on:

The Huffington Post
WSJ The Wall Street Journal

… and many more will blow your mind. Her story and insights on how to face your fears and go for your dreams and how to share your creativity with confidence and conviction with the world will excite and warm your heart.

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