How To: Do Good Morning Exercises!

Good Mornings are a great way to build maximal strength through the entire posterior chain. Implementing these exercises can ensure you that when you do move out of position, that your back is safe and strong enough to take the load. Implement these properly and your numbers will grow!

1) Good Morning: The standard Good Morning is a great way to introduce moderate level lifters into a loaded hip-hinge pattern. This variation would be the first step to creating brutal back strength as it forces you to engage your entire hamstrings, glutes, and lower to upper back.

2) Dead-stop Good Morning: This variation is great for allowing you to become more aware with your body as you are forced to create maximal tension in the hamstrings prior to starting the movement. Due to this movement being concentric based you are less likely to become extremely sore from this.

3) Good Morning to Squat: This variation is a great Max Effort exercise and an even better accessory movement. In this variation you are performing an eccentric based good morning with a concentric based squat. This means that you benefit in growing both your posterior and anterior chain in one movement.

4) Seated Good Morning: This is the most advanced variation out there. It is extremely important to understand bracing before attempting this movement. When implemented correctly this is phenomenal for building a bulletproof lower back.

*All of these movements can be performed with any specialty bar of your choice. The Safety Squat bar or the Cambered bar would be the most optimal as they sit comfortable on your back and do not roll forward on your neck as a standard barbell would.

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