How to Develop a Successful Art Career: Marketing, Part 1 – Kevin Caron

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From – Artist Kevin Caron’s “lovely assistant,”” Mary, answers some of the questions they’ve gotten about having a successful art career ….

This is info is based on what Kevin Caron and his team have done. Maybe some of the tips and ideas in these videos will be helpful. This first marketing video shares things to think about BEFORE you get started – it will make everything you do much, MUCH easier.

MARKETING: getting people to pay attention to what you’re doing. SALES: what you do next, get them to buy. Mary used to hate marketing. Now she LOVES marketing. One thing changed: the way she thought about it.

When she began to look at marketing as a way of sharing what she loves about Kevin Caron’s sculpture, it became easy. Most people – friends, family, neighbors, people who like his sculpture – want to know what he is doing.

So just share the excitement that keeps you working.

For a show, instead of sending out notices that say “I’m having a show,” think about what you are having fun with right now, what is challenging you, etc. Maybe a new technique, a new medium. THAT’S what you want to share. Then give them the details: when, where, etc. Of course, images, too! They don’t care about the details until they know they want to come.

Who are you sharing with? People who want to know about your art: family, friends, neighbors. Kevin Caron’s audience is people who like sculpture, while for others it might be people who like animals or landscapes. Zero in on people who get what you’re doing, your audience. (You probably have multiple audiences.) When you know your audience, you know where they are and you know how to talk to them.

Another key point? Purpose. What do you want your audience to do? Come to a show? Buy work? Give feedback?

Marketing is bringing together your audience and purpose.

– Ask, “What’s in it for them?” Seeing an exciting new technique? New landscape paintings no one has seen before? People want to meet the artist and see how the artwork is made, and they want to be a part of your success.

– Make it as easy for them to do what you want them to do. Having a show? Provide a map.

A great Website can be the hub of everything, with helpful info and beautiful photographs, making it easy for them to contact you when they want to buy – and they do.

How about social media? You can’t be on every social media platform and do everything else, too. Pick your social media based on your audience. For example, an older audience probably isn’t going to be on Snapchat. Most social media platforms have analytics to tell you who is coming from where when, etc.

YouTube is a big social media platform for Kevin Caron. It’s social media because it involves interaction. By responding to people, he’s built a great YouTube community. You can interact on other platforms, too, like Quora. Automated posting services like Hootsuite, Later and Buffer help you organize and schedule so you can post to multiple sites at once.

Social media is not a replacement for print media, though. Kevin Caron has a small foldout brochure that he carries around and gives away. The brochures easily fit in a pocket or purse and have resulted in magazine articles and sales. Postcards are worthwhile for important shows, drawing people who would not have otherwise come.

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Before you go, you might want to see some ventriloquism ….

“Inspired sculpture for public & private places.”

Artist Kevin Caron has been sculpting full time since 2006. See – and hear – his amazing metal and large format 3D-printed sculptures, which are found in public and private places coast-to-coast and online at

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