How To Design Your Career For Success ✓ (And How To Ruin It)

In this week’s episode, I’ll share with you how you can design a career for nothing but success, a career that appreciates in value as years progress…



Nowadays, It’s a cool thing to say follow your passion, follow your interests, make a career out of it, find that niche where your passion meets the needs of the community.
I keep seeing this everywhere in all the TED Talks. It’s crazy.
If you get a job that you love – your dream job – then you will never have to work a day in your life.
I think it makes no sense. You don’t design a career around a single input. Your career is a 4 decade long investment. You want that career to appreciate as years go by.
And just like how you wouldn’t go invest all your savings in to a particular stock or a commodity just because you love that asset, you can’t design your career based on only what you are interested in.
If you do this mistake, you’ll hate your 30s, 40s, and 50s when you get replaced by a 22 year old fresh graduate right out of college and you’ll find yourself unemployed for a very long time.
In this video, I want to share with you how you can logically design a career that will only appreciate in value as years progress.
Deloitte regularly runs studies analyzing the workforce dynamics, and one of their recent studies indicated that 80% of today’s corporate professionals do not like their jobs. And that amongst the millenials, 66% are expected to leave their jobs within 2 years.
And that study led people most people to think that there is only one type of a job that you can be happy about. And that if you don’t get that dream job, you’ll be unhappy, you’ll feel unfulfilled.
Then as a result of studies like this, so many career strategists and career consultants popped up left and right, helping people find their passion and helping them design their careers around those passions and interests.

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