How to Choose a Career? Confused about Career ||Sudheer Sandra || 2019

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How to Choose Your Career and become Successful in that Career? How to Decide What To Do In Life?
In this video, I have discussed What can be the best career for you and How to Choose Your own Career.

Sudheer Sandra is very passionate about Psychology and intend to spread awareness about both psychology and mental health. The process of finding your purpose involves first finding your passions which made to choose psychology after my Engineering. I am
passionate about Training and Counseling. I am working as a Freelancer Life Skills Coach, Psychologist, Career Counselor and Motivational Speaker.

Sudheer Sandra Career Counseling Center has been established in Hyderabad with the intent to provide solutions to all kind of career confusions among students and professionals.

Sudheer Sandra wants to spread happiness into others life and ultimately make India Suicide Free.

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Mr. Shannon famously said.. “It is not important what you leave for your Child but it is very important that what you leave in your child” teach values

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