How to Build a Successful Career in the Gig Economy

At After School Africa, this is what our team looks like. We have a few full time employees. And we have a number of freelance workers. The latter group of people get paid based on the number of jobs they deliver, rather than a certain fixed salary per month. Some of these people work from our office; while others work from different locations.

That way they can determine how much they make per month from how much effort they put in. But they don’t get company entitlements and other pecks. This is what the gig economy is all about; a work force that defile the traditional 9 to 5 grind we’ve come to be familiar with. And many companies all over the world are already adopting this approach that will only continue to grow.

The term “gig economy” was coined in the late 2000s during the financial crash. As American workers scrambled to sure up their paychecks, short-term and part-time jobs with flexible schedules began to become more popular. Working within the gig economy means taking on a series of small jobs or projects for which you receive payment.

You gain time by eliminating daily commute to work, get to step away from office politics and determine your working hours. With this control comes freedom – and also the need for self discipline, management, critical thinking, and long-range planning. According to a Gallup poll, 36% of American workers are now working in the gig economy. This translates to roughly 57 million people. There are more people joining the gig economy daily and you need to stand out if you intend to be successful.

In the gig economy, if you expect your employer to push you into developing required skills, to always have a growth opportunity waiting, and to set all your work parameters, then you may find a difficult road ahead. So we’ll all have to start thinking like entrepreneurs rather than entitled employees. That means treating your career more like a business than a job. With entrepreneurial thinking, that should mean a win-win for both you and the company you work for.

In today’s video, you will learn how to build a successful career in the gig economy. If you are new to After School Africa, you are welcome. Consider subscribing to this channel to continue exploring opportunities.

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