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How to become successful in life! This great video by M. akmal on the skill sets platform is specially for our matriculation, intermediate and graduation’s students, which is about what do you want to become in future complying our educational system. For a successful career or planning or career selection, it is very important for you to have in your mind a clear goal or objectives.

Every one of you should well aware the need of education in your life so you could make a worthy decision for your career. The Problems of education system in Pakistan can never be ignored at this stage. Our education system even cannot make a student able to choose a right goal. The Problems of education system in India are similar as the people of Pakistan facing now.

We strongly need of education planning to give new road maps to our new generation.

It is a common fact that a child from his/her age of school is asked about what to become or what job you want to do after completing your studies, which is the worst for one’s career. It doesn’t allow the student to think beyond the course. In my views our students or children should be well aware about the concept of employee and employer or boss and servant.

Students from their age of school should be trained about how to become boss or how to become successful in career, which can give a clear idea about his/her goals in future. They should must be asked in their educational life either they want to become a boss or servant, so they could develop a clear vision.

For a successful career and life planning during school age, my success tips for students are very helpful, which can provide them a valuable support in career. Watch my video containing wise tips about how to get rich in Pakistan, emotionally, financially as well as from a social point of view.

So, choose your degree wisely. Don’t ignore the importance of education in your life because there is nothing much practical as the education, which can make you worthy. Stay connected to the skill sets for more informative videos and tips for a successful career.

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We see student searching for shortcuts and exam success tips all over the country not realizing it is not their marks in exams that will guarantee their success in life rather their practical knowledge of what they studied. success in exams hindi does not always gurantee success in life. They search for exam tips in urdu and exam tips in Hindi everyday.
There is a great scope of entrepreneurship in pakistan. We will teach you how to become your own boss in our video playlist series.

if you want to know HOW TO SUCCESS IN EXAM HINDI, watch this this video before that query and it will change your life.

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