How To Be Successful With Authenticity In Your Career

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This video is about becoming successful in your career by knowing yourself, understanding your passions and creating a life that incorporates your passions with business.

So many people choose jobs that only match up to one of their many interest. In fact most people take a job based on skill only. Because of this people end up with jobs that only entertain them in one aspect. In order to be successful in life you must have a job that captures multiple interests and allows your to be yourself. When you can authentically be yourself, because you love what you do, your life and career with become easier, success will come to you and your financial problems will begin to sole themselves.

I love to share examples. Let’s say I’m a recruiter because I love the people interaction aspect of recruiting. I happen to recruit accountants because that’s the job I was able to get. Unfortunately, I could really care less about accounting and finance, it’s never been an interest of mine. My real passions are extreme sports and social media marketing. This means that I’ll never be fully enthusiastic about accounting and finance.

Now let’s say I was recruiting for social media managers and I only worked with extreme sports companies. This job is a mis of three passions. Everyday at work I would be excited to meet new people, develop new connections, attend industry events etc. Everything about my job would be interesting. I would naturally feed myself relevant information when I was relaxing at home. I could speak well about the industry I focus on. I could easily become a leading expert in my field. Success would come much easier to me.

So that’s the point. Nothing brings success like aligning your passions and life goals with your career. Quite frankly, anything else is just a waste of time.

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