How to Be Successful in Life & Formula for a Peaceful Career By Sushiils Mehta

I had the privilege to interview Sushiil Mehta, who had been an businessman with 25 outlets in various parts of Tamil Nadu

He carries 25 years of rich experiences in entrepreneur skill, in this talk show, he will be sharing his experience on How to be peaceful in career life as well as business life. Watch as I have an insightful Q&A session with Sushiil Mehta, touching upon topics such as the top 3 secrets of his life and his secret oh how he manages 25 outlets in various parts of Tamil Nadu by sitting in Chennai. Stay tuned till the end, where Sushil Metha and I field some interesting questions from you all! To catch my future talk sessions firsthand, be sure to subscribe to my channel for all the latest updates.

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