How To Achieve Success in 2014 Quicktips #6 – Have My Breakfast Every Morning

In this video Dave Sheahan tells you what he has for breakfast every morning which gives him a great start to each day and the energy to do what he needs to do. By watching this video you will learn how to feel energized in the morning and how to feel energetic all day every day.

Porridge (Oatmeal in US) is the best breakfast and is such a well balanced meal to have – with carbohydrates, protein, EFAs and vitamins and minerals -NOTE – put in mixed seeds, nuts and fruit to get this great combination of nutrients.

Listen to the oatmeal recipe that Dave Sheahan outlines that he has for breakfast each morning,

Another benefit of porridge (oatmeal in US) is that it provides sustained energy so no big highs and lows so in this video you learn how to feel energized all day every day.

Something as simple as this is a major tip how to achieve success as nutrition and how you start your day has a big part to play in how your day unfolds.

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