How I Cut The Carbs To Lose Weight

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How I Cut The Carbs To Lose Weight

The low carb difference what we now call the Grown-Up Eating Plan.
1- Quit Eating Refined Sugar, in all its forms!
2- Ate more fresh low carb green vegetables at dinner.
3- Skip the bun and get your burgers and sandwiches as lettuce wraps.
4- Don’t eat high carb chips, ate Nuts instead! Better than cookies.
5- Eat Pork Rinds that have ZERO Carbs
6- Save over 39 grams of sugar by not drinking soft drinks.
7- Make Decaf Diet Ice Tea from mixes avoiding the carbonation and calories.
8- Use only Almond flours, for baking and NEVER eat anything made from White Flour.
9- Replace hamburger buns with mushroom caps
10- Replace mashed potatoes with mashed cauliflower flavored with fresh garlic.
11- Replace high carb tortilla chips with cucumber and carrot chips for salsa.
12- Replace pasta with zucchini when making Lasagna.
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