High Protein Breakfast Cake Recipe ⎮ Healthy Breakfast Idea

Quick & Healthy High Protein Breakfast Cake Recipe!

This healthy and high protein cake is my savior when I have long days on the road and I don’t want to be stuck eating salmon and veggies out of Tupperware all day. On busy days I make sure to meal prep it beforehand, so I have a healthy meal I can eat on the go! I call it a cake but maybe it’s more along the lines of a protein/banana bread. In any case, it is delicious, sweet and filling and it keeps me on track with my diet even when I have long days away from home.

As a personal trainer, I often have to go directly from client to client without a chance to sit down and eat a normal meal in between and. This high protein breakfast cake takes care of that!

It allows me to hit my macros while having enough energy to work hard and train all of my clients. I love meal prepping this high protein cake for breakfast or as a high protein snack, but it’s also great pre-workout and post-workout or even for lunch and dinner on those super-hectic days.



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