Healthy | protein mung oats chilla with mango oats shake|healthy breakfast recipe || protein shake

Here i am gonna show you healthy and protein mung oats chilla with mango oats shake | healthy breakfast recipe

Mung oats chilla – ingredients
-soak mung – half cup
-soak rajma – half cup
-Green chilli – 2
-salt to taste
-dhaniya jira powder – 1 tbs
-haldi – 1 tbs
-water – half cup
-oats – 2 tbs
-oil – 2 tbs
Hangcurd- 1 big tbs ( garnish)

Mung oats chilla is a very tasty and healthy breakfast recipes .

Mango oats shake – ingredients
Mango – 1
Soya milk – half glass
Oats – 2 tbs
Walnuts – 1 tps ( optional)
Honey – 2 tbs
Almonds katri- 1 tbs ( for garnish)
Curd – 2 tbs

This is a hommade mango shake which is full of nutrients and proteins .
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