Healthy Breakfast: Quick & Easy Yogurt Parfait

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It’s a new year. Many of us have big plans and aspirations for the year in front of us. Certainly, I am no expert on diet or health… but I wholeheartedly believe that life without an occasional treat is no life at all! If you are working on adjusting your eating habits a bit, beautiful presentation can add to the appeal of healthy food choices. A beautiful table setting, pretty dishes, or a fancy little garnish can add to the enjoyment of any meal.

Heres a quick & easy healthy breakfast idea #1

Fill a bowl with yogurt and top with fresh fruit of your choice, granola, and/or nuts.

-1 Cup of Non-Fat Greek Yogurt
-1/4 cup of Granola
-Handful of fruits

If you’d like to prepare the parfaits ahead of time, layer the fruit and yogurt and refrigerate (up to one day), then add the granola (and/or nuts) right before serving.

Also here are different toppings you can add:
raw nuts (sliced almonds or walnuts are my favorites)
toasted coconut
dried cranberries
diced dates
pomegrante seeds

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