Healthy Breakfast Ideas: Super Easy Healthy Smoothie for Breakfast

How to make a super easy and tasty smoothie for breakfast on the cheap. This is very healthy and easy to prepare. Our breakfast smoothie made using mixed berries, is low calorie and is perfect for those who are trying to lose weight.


100 oz Mixed berries – strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and blackcurrants
Low fat organic yogurt
Milled organic flaxseed

The Joy of the Breakfast Smoothie
One of the best things about starting your day off right is the ability to whip up a tall, cool breakfast smoothie to get things really pumping; no matter what you choose to put in them, breakfast smoothies are a sweet and happy treat, a vitamin-packed combination of fluid, refreshing nutrition and a soothing and revitalizing taste that your kids could easily mistake for a milkshake.

Provided you’re adding all the right ingredients, your breakfast smoothie can really pack a nutritional punch for those who don’t like to eat breakfast in the morning; from kiwi to pineapple coconut and even oatmeal, there’s almost nothing you can’t add, which means that all those nutrient-dense fruits and vegetables you don’t particularly like eating go down quick and easy.
We’ve put together a list of three reasons to love your breakfast smoothies:

One for Every Diet
The true beauty of this powerful breakfast lies in the fact that there’s a suitable recipe for each and every occasion, and a dynamic, health-boosting option for every single special dietary need; from delicious and healthful combinations for diabetics that help keep blood sugar regulated, to creamy and delectable smoothies that take care of high blood pressure and cholesterol, no matter what your restrictions a smoothie can fit the bill.
Besides being loaded with super ingredients that can cater to virtually any health issue going, smoothies allow you to do it without ever succumbing to boredom; from tasty green smoothies to those filled with satisfying fruit favorites, the breakfast smoothie is always the life of the party.

So Quick and Adaptable
Having a rushed morning but know you can’t skip breakfast?
Your vibrant and colourful breakfast can be ready in less than five minutes no matter what you’ve got on hand; after all, you can adapt almost any smoothie recipe to accommodate what you’ve got in the fridge and come up with a great tasting blend that helps you get fueled up efficiently.
For even faster smoothies, freeze ingredients ahead of time in bulk so you can simply grab what you need and toss it in the blender; take some time on the weekend when things are quiet and relaxed to combine and blend your favorite ingredients and freeze the mix in muffin tins; you can literally have a fantastic breakfast ready in under a minute.

The Family Loves Them
One of the craziest things about those hectic family mornings is trying to get everyone fed and out the door on time; if your breakfasts consist of slow and unenthused family members dolefully shovelling in spoonfuls of the same old boring cereal, smoothies are a great way to speed things up by adding some enthusiasm to the meal.

Smoothies are one of the most fantastic meal options out there for kids; with their soft, interesting consistency and their flavorful combinations, kids consider them a real treat and there’s nothing quite like a happy family for making those stressful, chaotic mornings run more efficiently.

So no matter what the situation, breakfast smoothies can go a long way toward providing a quick and healthy alternative to the same old boring breakfast, while throwing in the added benefit of being superbly fun for everyone involved, so the next time you’re thinking about what to have for breakfast, reach for a smoothie and start your day off right!

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