Healthy Breakfast Ideas: Perfect Scrambled Egg Recipe in Microwave + Flaxseed Nutella Sandwich

How to make this delicious scrambled egg sandwich in just five minutes.

2 tablespoons soaked Chia seeds
1 Egg
15g Mozzarella Cheese

How To Make Really Good Scrambled Eggs in Microwave
Scrambled eggs are a common recipe that most people have for breakfast. So, it was not so surprising when this breakfast dish was labeled ‘The King of the Breakfast Table”. Because of being a common breakfast, many people have already created their own signature recipe of the dish. Cooking scrambled eggs is a convenient option of food to have when you do not have enough time left. It is ideal for those who need extra time to get to work, but do not want to leave the house with an empty stomach. It may be a simple dish, but it is already enough to fill your stomach and satisfy you. And the great thing about this is that it can now be even cooked in the microwave!

As a result, preparing scrambled eggs just made it more convenient for you. It still leaves some time to prepare for something while waiting for your breakfast to get cooked. Do you want to know how to make healthy scrambled eggs in microwave as well? Here is a simple, but healthy recipe that you can keep handy for your breakfast routine. Cooking healthy scrambled eggs in microwave does not require more than a couple of minutes. You only need 5 minute tops for the preparation and cooking and you can have your breakfast. Just do some whisking, microwave the whisked eggs, add some more ingredients to taste and that is it!

Some Tips When Making Healthy Scrambled Eggs In Microwave
Choose a microwave-safe contained that is in good quality. It works best to cook the eggs in round shaped containers. The standing time is necessary since eggs instantly cook and you want to avoid eating overcooked scrambled eggs. If you want to add more tasty bits to your scrambled eggs, feel free to include some diced ham, vegetables, chopped herbs, shredded cheese or cooked bacon to it before cooking.
Once your scrambled egg is cooked, why not add a slice of whole wheat toast or some fruits? With the recipe, you can have something to eat for breakfast without even using much effort.

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