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Besides being FUN to make, these healthy breakfast ideas for kids are super delicious! Try drawing on a smoothie bowl or with a savory plate, imagine all you can create! INGREDIENTS BELOW!

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————————————————————– INGREDIENTS —————————————————————————–
DISCLAIMER: I hate wasting food and even though some fruits were only used in half for the designs, the other halves are still great to eat – right there while you are drawing or later!

Smoothie for smoothie bowl:
-⅓ cup of frozen strawberries
-1 frozen banana (in pieces)
-1 frozen mango (in pieces)
-2 frozen kiwis (chopped)
-⅓ cup of frozen spinach
-1/4 cup of milk
-2 tablespoons of honey

Food decorations for smoothie bowl:
1 mango slice
About 6 blackberries, halved
6 blueberries
6 banana slices + a bit more for the arms
⅓ cup of granola
3 small chocolate pieces
3 strawberries – 2 of them halved and shaped as hearts.
2 small strips of strawberries for the smiles
-A bit more strawberries and kiwi for Mrs. Bear’s jewelry

Food decorations for savory breakfast plate:
2 cherry tomatoes
A couple of slivered white almonds
1 slice of an orange
1 egg white + 1 tsp of shredded melting cheese + 1 tsp of milk, cooked over olive oil
¼ of an avocado, chopped in squares
1 slice of toast
1-2 tsp of cream cheese
2 slices of turkey ham
2 blueberries
¼ of a blackberry
1 white cremini mushroom, sliced.

-If you need to convert any units/measurements, this is a great tool:

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