Healthy Breakfast Ideas – Diet Plan – Gracie Diet meal Plan – 2017 – Banana Ice Cream

Healthy Breakfast Ideas – Diet Plan – Gracie Diet meal Plan – 2017 Banana Ice Cream

Banana Ice cream is easy to make and even easier when you have the champion juicer.

You can use only frozen bananas or add, frozen papaya, Frozen coconut cream.


Frozen Bananas
Frozen Papaya
Frozen Coconut Cream


Carlos Gracie realized in the early to mid 1900’s that nutrition is a huge factor for any athlete. He researched and tested through trial and error on how the body reacted to different combinations of food, until we have what is now known as the Gracie diet.

Nutrition is one of the most important factors of leading a healthy lifestyle, and that’s what the Gracie Diet is all about. The digestive system is a long and hard process for the body. The more complicated and unnatural the food is, the more energy is wasted. simple recipes are better, for example:

Morning breakfast:

Fresh coconut water (or bottled) blended with 4 bananas
& two Acai frozen bricks (if available)

Afternoon (4 to 5 hours later):

Avocado mashed with fresh garlic and hemp seeds, a hand full of Almond nuts, A mixed salad bowl and Vegetable juice (fresh). It’s simple and easy to digest.

night (4 to 5 hours later):

Watermelon & Papaya smoothie

Everything that I have mentioned here is simple to make and great for the digestive system, the less energy wasted the more energy your immune system has to fight decease.

For more recipes and ideas, Angela Gracie’s cook book or The Gracie Diet book is a must buy.

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