Hasty Morning Healthy Breakfast (HINDI) | Healthy Fruit Oat Recipe 2018 | Oats For Weight loss

Health Booster Breakfast prepared with oats is cool recipe specially for office goers, who actually don’t have time to prepare breakfast in the morning.

This Oats Breakfast recipe can be prepared in just 3 minutes.

Extra toppings with fruits like banana, apple & pomegranate gives all the necessary nutritional value, while strawberry cornflakes adds extra crunchiness and flavor for taste.
As we all know Oats prepared with milk are always good for everyone and quick to prepare but extra layer of topping with Chocos makes it kids friendly too, where they will love to have an extra bite of nutrition with taste.

It’s Good for fitness freaks and for the people who are working on weight management or weight loss. It’s a sugar free recipe.

Flavored Cornflakes

Recipe | Health Booster Breakfast
Add 1 Small bowl of Oats on medium flame
Add 1 Small Cup Hot Milk
Cook it for 2Minutes
Add toppings of strawberry flavored Cornflake
Add 2-3 Table spoon Honey (Substitute for sugar)
Add toppings of 1 Banana (chopped)
Toppings of 1 small Apple
Extra toppings with Chocos, will make it kids friendly
Health Booster Breakfast Recipe is Ready Now

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