Green gram dosa / Green gram chila Healthy breakfast

साबुत मुंग का डोसा — How to make sweet cheela / sweet pan cake recipe How to make Crepe / easy and simple crepe recipe — veg pan cake using green gram Healthy breakfast / Healthy and delicious chilla ——- spinach pan cake ——- delicious wheat flour pizza —— sattu ki litti on tawa and oven ——- tomato chutney in south indian style ——– onion chutney south indian style ——- dudh pitthi —— Khatti – mithi chutney for chats, bhelpuri , sev puri in hindi —— rai ki chutney ——- imli ki chutney —— traditional tawa tomato chutney —- traditional kadhayi tomato chutney —— lauki / dudhi ka raita —— tomato garlic sauce for pizza —– delicious veg raita ——- hare dhaniye ki chutney —- Mint chutney / green chutney / पुदीना की स्वादिष्ट चटपटी चटनी —- imli khajur ki chutney

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