Fasted ( morning ) Home Workout – Warm up – cardio – full body – booty – core

Fasted ( morning ) Home Workout

12 to Life Challenge – Week 1

Do this first thing in the morning fasted! Complete 4-6 days; depending on your fitness level

(Meal suggestions below)

1) Warm up – If you know me… Dance! 5 min DANCE warm up (plus, dancing increases happiness levels which also increases self-efficacy; which you need to be successful at completing a goal)

2) Repeat this set 3 time through

a. Banded squats x10 (with pelvic tilt) & squat jumps x10

b. Plank pulse x 20

c. Walking plank x 12

d. Superman pull x12

e. Straight leg kickback x12 (each leg)

f. Glute kickback x12 (each leg)

g. Side to back kickback x12 (each leg)

h. Hip thrust with abduction x 20

Eat within 1 hour after this workout; A few suggestions:

3/4 egg whites (egg white omelet with veggies) with 2 slices of Ezekiel Bread
Protein pancake – 1/2 Scoop of protein powder & 1/2 egg whites & 40 grams of oats (blend together to make pancake)

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