FAMiLY YOGA!! morning exercise routine with Adley! and a new backyard lake update!!!!

and a spooky trick or treat day at the amusement park!!


Best Yoga Day Ever 1028

Introducing the world’s best dad and daughter yoga team, Adley and Shonduras!! Haha Adley and I have been practicing our yoga and we’ve come up with some pretty cool tricks. She can fly over me while standing on my feet, or do sideways stunts one handed. We’ve even invented a trick where Adley does a front flip over my head! We’re getting really good. We do yoga for a little while (with a snack break in the middle of course) and then have a gymnastics competition in our basement. Adley does cartwheels and somersaults while is do spins and twits and we need you guys to help us decide who the winner is (even though Adley claims she heard you guys say she won! pfft!!)

We then head up stairs to get some lunch and get ready, because today we are going to one of Adley’s favorite places, Lagoon! It’s the same place where she went on here very first roller coaster and where Niko learned to float. They have it decorated for Halloween, so were going to go do some trick or treating to see what kind of surprises they have. Oh, and Jenny got Niko a Milk monster outfit to wear that is super cute and will help him stay warm.

At Lagoon, we see the halloween theme right away as the place is covered in pumpkins. We get little bags and start trick or treating. The kids get vampire teeth and candy, ultimate toy airplanes and spooky witch fingers. We even do a little maze and Niko loves running around in it!! We have tons of fun and get lots of goodies, but when the kids start playing in the water we decide to peace out.

We snag some dinner at Olive Garden (Jenny’s favorite) before heading the lake lot. It’s getting so close guys. The put the gravel down and the rocks for our little river and it looks like they are super close to getting the grass in. I don’t want it to be winter!! With how cool this is turning out, i want it to be spring already so we can play on the pump track and in the water!! Between the new lake lot and our backyard, next summer is going to be wild!!

We get home and start doing our night time routine, when we find a bug snuck into our house. Adley and I have to do some bug hunting before we can end this Best Day Ever!!

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