Arm workout
1. Superset, Ex 1- Cable Curls: 4×12-15
Ex 2- Cable Push Downs: 4×12-15
2. Superset, Ex 1- EZ Preacher Curls: 4×10-12
Ex 2- Seated Dumbbell Curls: 4×10-12
3. Superset, Ex 1- Weighted Dips: 5×10-12
Ex 2- Dumbbell Tricep Extensions: 5×10-12
4. Dumbbell Concentration Curl: 4×12-15
5. Cable Push-Down: 4xReverse grip for 10 reps and then normal grip for another 10-12 reps

Abs. 4 rounds
Weighted Sit-Ups: 12-15 Drop set every set.
Ab Wheel: 15-20

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