Easy healthy pancakes recipe | HCLF

I made a quick snapchat video when I tried this recipe for the first time today! Thought you might like to see the whole thing here in case you missed the snaps :)

Recipe basics are from Thriving On Plants: It’s a HCLF recipe (high carb, low fat) https://youtu.be/Ow7oqEYRrFg

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** Had a few people ask why some of my videos are portrait and some are landscape. The landscape ones are filmed for YouTube, the portrait ones are filmed for snapchat and periscope and I upload them here to for the people that miss the 24 hr window to see them on the original platforms. So yes, portrait ones can be a little harder to see if you are used to landscape, but better to have them this way than not get to see them :)

Love you guys!

x Marissa


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