Daily Morning Health Exercise


When I suffering the tough Chemo therapy few years ago, many thanks for one of my closed friend – brother Tien sent me this exercise, I started to practice from that time until now every morning before breakfast. I would like to share with you – all my friends!

What’s the magic and secret inside this face/head exercise?

In Chinese traditional medicine, there are so many spots on face and head which will reflect to part of our body, this exercise will massage all spots on face and head, means giving treat to all body part in just 10 minutes.

How to do this exercise?

– open this video

– following step by step

– deep breath during exercise

What’s benefit from exercise?

– balance and adjust body

– face beaut

– prevent health problem

– recharge energy

– not only good for body also for mental refresh

Following me to do this exercise every morning, you will stay away health problem and medicine!

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