Cooking Indian Breakfast in a Village for Visitors from Paris, France By Nikunj Vasoya

Fresh Paneer Recipe, Paneer Paratha Recipe and Ginger Tea Making by Nikunj Vasoya. His village food videos will blow your mind and inspire you to cook delicious and simple food at home using healthy and tasty Indian Recipes.
How to make Paneer at Home.
4 ltr Milk.
1 to 2 Lemon.

Bring milk to boil 3 time.
Put Lemon Juice.
(Optional)When milk started curdling add salt if you want to store paneer for a long time.
Strain it and keep it as it is for 30 minutes or more.

How to make Paneer Paratha.

Take Whole Wheat Flour Dough.
Take Paneer, Put Chopped Chillies, Coriander Leaves, Salt and Kitchen King Masala.

Stuff masala into the dough as shown in the video.
Cook it at a very low flame and add butter on it.

Ginger Tea Recipe.
500 ML Milk and little Water.
2 to 3 Tsp Tea (Chai Patti)
3 to 4 tsp Sugar or as much as you want.
1 Inch Ginger.
Bring it to boil for few times.
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