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As an Executive Health Coach, I often hear, “I have no time to eat breakfast!” But many forget how important your first meal of the day really is.

Your first meal sets the standard of how you’re going to function that day. Will you be slow and miserable or energetic and upbeat?

This is why it’s so important for busy professionals to adopt a healthier lifestyle. Just implementing one clean, healthy meal in your day can have a dramatic impact on your mood, performance and overall quality of life.

This is why adopting a clean eating breakfast is a must. Because let’s be honest, with the amount of sugar packed into your favorite breakfast cereal or Starbucks muffin, you might as well eat a cupcake!

Clean eating breakfast recipes help you cut out processed foods and clear the toxins out of the body. Thus helping you to lose weight, improve sleep and overall mood.

So here is a quick and easy clean eating breakfast recipe to you get your day going on the right foot.

6oz of Greek Yoghurt

2 handfuls of Muesli or Granola of your choice

Fruit of choice(I prefer Watermelon because it’s such a powerful digestive system cleanser)

Add ingredients together and drizzle honey on top for healthy sweet boost and your ready to go with a clean eating breakfast in less than a minute.

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