Cholai ke Pattod | Without Oil Healthy Breakfast Recipe | चौलाई के पत्तौड़ | Cook With Mamta

Cholai Ke ..Stems and Leaves me Bahut Jyada Matra Me… Protein, Minerals Paye Jate Hai.. Vitamin ..A,B,C ki To Ye Khaan Hi Hai.
Cholai ke Pattod Aap Breakfast Me ..ya as a Snacks Bana Sakte Hai… Without Oil ye Bahut Hi Healthy Recipe hai… Please Try it.

Ingredients 👇👇

Cholai 1 Bunch ,1 गड्डी
( 2 Cup Chopped Leaves)

Besan (Gram Flour). 1 Cup

1/2 tsp Salt ,1/4 tsp Red Chilli Powder ,1/4 tsp Hing powder,1/2 tsp Ginger Paste ,1/2 tbs Oil
For Frying 👇

Oil , Mustered seeds , Curry Leaves

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