Cali – Border Collie gets morning exercise

Rope play. Cali loves to play with her homemade monkey balls rope. Once she works out some of her pent-up energy, she expects to have the rope thrown so she can chase it down. (This is not my dog, not my house.)

0:43 – Kyle opens the door and says, “Later.” on his way to work – Gets Cali’s attention.
1:26 – Kyle’s truck starts and drives away. Cali recognizes it and gets her ear’s attention and stops for a few seconds on the patio, and ears pointed in the direction of the truck as it drives away for a few seconds.
2:43 – if you listen closely, you can hear the neighborood owl hooting (besides the helicopter sounds).

I was hoping to catch her doing the bucking bronco spin and slaps with the rope where she spins in circles while flipping the rope, but not this time.

Phone battery died, so sudden ending (warning sound about a minute before the end — oh well.)

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