Buzzfeed Breakfast Ideas TESTED! Healthy Vegan Breakfast Ideas For School! Nichole Jacklyne

Buzzfeed Breakfast Ideas TESTED! Healthy Vegan Breakfast Ideas For School! Tested Buzzfeed! Recipes Buzzfeed
Guys!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR 10,000!!!! THAT IS SOO CRAZY TO EVEN WRAP MY MIND AROUND WOAAAHH!!!! I am so blessed to have so many of you here on my channel wowowow! Today in my video I show you guys 3 easy / cheap / vegan breakfast ideas for school! these ideas can be ate for lunch, dinner, breakfast. BECAUSE WHY NOT AMIRITE? hahaha It is so hard to eat healthily and go to school! I get it guys! These ideas can be swapped for less vegan friendly items, I eat this way, for the most part, because I have a very sensitive stomach and this makes me feel my best. Don’t get me wrong, home girl loves her pizza. aka check out my vlogging channel because you can see more in depth of that lifestyle! I know it isn’t back to school season yet, but school happens in other months then just septemebr, haha! youtube for the win! lol This video was also a rendition of a Pinterest Breakfast ideas TESTED because I found the waffles recipe off pinterest and it is literally so good! it tuned my tongue and teeth blue, which is incredible. I had to brush my teeth literally three times to remove the blue coloring. lol what is my life. let me know if you want to see a buzzed food tested or buzzed days tested video because I really want to do that! I loved filming this food ideas video! I’ve only ever done one other food video on my channel, I think! haha! who even knows!! I honestly wonder if anyone even reads this. If you are reading this 1. bless yo soul and 2. comment down below “i see it” and i will LOVE U MORE THEN I ALREADY DO. lol ok nichole calm downnnnn. ok brb need to go eat my blueeeee berry waffle. wait. I already ate it. no whyyyyyy. *crys*

Vegan waffles: Keep in mind that the recipe is not just for one person lol!

Credit to Gabrielle Marie Editing Hacks: For Kaleidoscope Transition, Arrow transition, Doodle Arrow and Doodle Heart! :)

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