3/11/2020 – This is the time of year I’ve extra busy with work so getting my middle-age man fitness training workouts in is more challenging. Knowing that something is better than nothing, this morning I did a quick 2-minute workout at my office where I have a pull-up bar and bar dip unit.

First minute was a singlet set of 14 pull-ups. Viewing the video, I’ll admit my bottom range could have had better extension. I’ll do better next time, but satisfied with my 14-rep performance done cold with no warm-up.

Second minute was a single set of 25 bar dips.

2 minutes later, my early morning workout was done and I was ready to begin working. Honest disclosure, I had a performance-enhancing beverage before my quick 2-minute workout – a strong homemade cup of Italian Roast coffee with no crème or sugar added, just the way I like it.

Later today, God willing, I’ll do 100 burpees for time. This will be my workout for the day. Again, something is better than nothing.

I’m a 65-year old middle-aged man, and a Medicare Man, doing my best to maintain fitness, health and wellness.

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