Build Sexy Glutes & Hammies | Weightlifting Exercise | FMS Standing Barbell Good Morning TUTORIAL

Here’s the full training demonstration of the Standing Barbell Good Morning used in the FMS program to increase glute and lower back strength.

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In this online personal training demonstration FMS founder and trainers Kaliesha and Yani explain the importance and use of this fantastic weightlifting exercise.

The Standing Barbell Good Morning is one of the best exercises for intermediate to advanced level people wanting to improve functional strength and aesthetics in the glutes and posterior chain muscles.

The Standing Barbell Good Morning is fantastic for developing hamstring mobility and also strength in the glutes because of the nature of the strength and active range of motion.

At Unity Gym we absolutely love this movement for developing both great looking and strong hammies, glutes and lower back muscles.

Caution … goodmorning variation require a high level of core strength and mobility in the hamstrings. This movement will also heavily load the lumbar muscles in your lower back and should therefore only be used by experienced people.

Often jumping straight into squatting will not fix this problem. You may need more specificity in your glute development program.

If you missed the previous progression go here first:

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