Boost Productivity, Eliminate Pain with 5 Minute Morning Exercise Routine for Office Workers

5 Minute Cure for Morning Zombie Sickness

One way to guarantee zombieness is to get up from lying in bed in the morning, to sit at the kitchen table, then sit in a car, to end up sitting at a computer. And then you can repeat the process until your lying in bed again at night.

This addiction to sitting fries up a gourmet recipe for Carpal Tunnel, neck and back problems and general fatigue.

Ever drive with the parking brake on? For a few seconds or even minutes, you’re puzzled why the gas pedal isn’t doing what it should?

That’s what lack of movement does to the body.

Did you know you have all kinds of fluids in your body besides blood?

And did you know the movement of those fluids, such as Lymph, is dependent on mechanical movement of the limbs and torso? In other words, walking and swinging your arms actually pumps those fluids unlike your blood that is pumped by the heart.

Lymph fluid is critical to the immune system. If Lymph does not circulate properly, then guess what? You get SICK!

Dead stop on the productivity front!

Do you have 5 minutes in the morning? Really all I’m asking for is 5 minutes and you can stop zombie syndrome (and reduce incidence of sickness!) in its tracks. Not 30 minutes, not 15 minutes, only 5 minutes.

Watch this video and do these exercises in the morning before you get dressed and going. They will loosen up your neck, shoulders, back and hips. And best of all, it will only take you 5 minutes.

Go outside or stand in front of a window while you do these exercises. Take a moment for yourself to feel your body wake up and open up. You will feel stronger and more centered and you can bet that will impact your productivity and relationships.

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