Bobby McGee Talks About Travelling and Early Morning Exercise

5-Time Olympic coach Bobby McGee explains what athletes who travel have to look out for and how they can prevent injury

0:01 – Bobby McGee from Santa Monica, California
0:23 – What to pay attention to if you travel a lot…
0:33 – Tightening of muscles and dehydration on planes
1:10 – Why long car-travel affects your running
1:54 – Why muscle activation is so key on the road

Bobby McGee, while in Santa Monica in California, talks about what to pay attention to if you are a running enthusiasts who travels a lot. On plane trips athletes need to pay particular attention because the dry air on the planes can cause dehydration. Also, the confinement of a plane or car means that your tendons in particular will have trouble getting back to normal without their normal stretching in everyday activity. Achilles tendons in particular can be much more susceptible to injury after extended time in a car or plane. Be sure to really stretch and walk around a good bit before trying any intense activity

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