Best exercises for spine health, Superset of Spine | Dynamic spine ex | Morning Stiffness back pain

Best exercises for spine health ,it is dynamic and you can call it as superset of spine
which is called as Nadi Vibhajan in Hatha Yoga,
if you keep your eyes closed during the set, It is a mix of cat and camel exercises, bird dog Exercise, knee to chest, forward bending and spinal extension, cervical flexion, extension, 3 point balance, dead bug in quadruped. The sequence and breathing pattern is important to gain the maximum benefit out of the set. This improves lumbar flexibility and mobility, it work better then a pain killer or muscle relaxant for morning back pain.
Keeping the eyes closed improves the balance as well a and improves proprioception in spine by making the Exercise more challenging, which is highly beneficial for spine health.
Morning back is there because disc between two vertebrae are absorbing water throughout the night, in the morning it is kind of swollen up like a ballon . Since the muscles ,superficial and deep fascia doesn’t have enough flexibility in certain individuals there is tussle going on between stretching effect of filled disc and flexibility of superficial tissue. With mechanical loading of spine in erect posture this tussle minimises as the day progress, which people feels like now the body is warm and now there is no pain. This simple exercise will make accelerate the process of fine tuning.
Since it is a movement based exercise it, it improves the nutritional status of spine because the nutrition to disc and joints of spine comes with movement.
Gentle movement keep the safety check as well.
Reciprocal leg movements maintains the diagonal patter for better neuromuscular facilitation.
Non weight bearing position of Exercise makes it easier for beginners.
Breathing in a specific way along with muscle activation keeps the pelvic floor muscle (Levator ani Iliococcyegeus and Pubococcycgeus )and diaphragm and transverse abdominis and multifidus activated .
Slight amount of glutes maximus activation is also there during extension of leg.
Some common mistakes are
Pelvic rotation
breathing pattern altered
sequence altered
hip sway.
To know how well you are doing this exercise capture a video on your own and then analyse it.
This exercise needs to performed empty stomach.
People having slip disc can do this exercise without any hesitation.
People having Spondylolisthesis needs to focus more in keep the core activated through breathing pattern. They can start with a minor range and increase the range of Exercises further.

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