Bboy Morning Workout: My Daily Morning Home Bboy Workout USE CODE: AJ47 💪

BBoy Morning Workout: My Daily Morning Home Bboy Workout

Good Morning! Here are some exercises for you guys to get in a light morning workout that you can do daily. These are some of the exercises I do to simply start the day.

These exercises wouldn’t count as my personal daily workout but simply a morning routine I’ve been using to keep myself disciplined.

The goal of a daily morning home bboy workout routine is to not be sore the next day. This is so I can repeat it every day without feeling any pain. You may need to alter this for your own person bboy fitness level.

I may change this routine but it will consist of the same TYPES of exercises and they are as follows:

Push: Push Up’s Dips etc

Pull: (Pull up’s, Chin Up’s…)

Legs: (wall sits, squats etc)

Skill: (handstands, elbow freezes etc.)

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As a bboy or bgirl you want to make your footwork look beautiful.
Bboy Roxrite once said in an interview that “Footwork is the rawest part of our dance.” Of course, you can train as you wish but once you start practicing footwork, learn to ride the rhythm of the music and begin to flow within all your steps, I’m convinced you’ll love creating your very own variations of footwork. Have fun creating!

Welcome to my Bboy / Breakdance tutorials! For all levels, beginner, intermediate and advanced, covering Toprock, Footwork, Freezes & Power Moves. Leave me a comment if you’d like me to make a particular tutorial.

Connect With Me:
Snapchat: aj47soulmavs

Be advised:
As a Bboy or Bgirl, dancing in this style (Breakin’ / Breakdance) comfortably can take time, hard work and discipline. Harder moves should not be attempted until you master your ‘Basics’ in Toprock, Footwork & Freezes. Make sure you attempt these tutorials in an open space, I am not responsible for any acquired injuries, muscle soreness or any broken furniture. Please be aware of your surroundings and your body at all times. Should you require any further assistance you can email me.

Before you practice:

1. Warm up/get your heart rate up: Always take your time to warm up your entire body.

2. Mobility. Mobilise your joints and muscles transitioning into a light stretch

3. Optional but recommended mild conditioning of the muscles surrounding the Wrists, Shoulders, Knee, Ankles, and most importantly, Core.

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