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Watch as Parents shows you back-to-school healthy breakfast ideas for kids! Finding the perfect balance between quick and healthy breakfasts during the hustle and bustle of busy school mornings is something all moms struggle with. Studies show that kids who eat a hearty breakfast in the mornings perform better at school and have more energy throughout the day. The possibilities to create healthy breakfast ideas are endless with these tips. Make sure that protein is included in your healthy breakfast for kids. Eggs cooked any way, nut butters, and yogurt are excellent options that will keep your children full until lunch time. Choose whole grains rather than sugary cereals, even when making oatmeal. This overnight quinoa and oatmeal easy breakfast recipe comes together in five minutes. Sweeten it up with some maple syrup and cut up fruit for healthy breakfast ideas that are good for your family without sacrificing delicious taste. Fruit makes for ideal breakfast for kids, as its versatile nature allows it to be served fresh or bundled in a bran muffin. Their sweet taste appeals to the little ones, while the minerals and vitamins packed in them appeals to you. Prep as much ahead of time as you can to ensure that your kids have enough time to eat in the morning. Making homemade breakfast bars on Sunday night are kids’ breakfast ideas that they’ll be able to grab and eat quickly throughout the week. A healthy breakfast for kids doesn’t have to be difficult if you try a few of these plan-ahead tactics!

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