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Hey, Y’all! In this video, I show you the first exercises to perform when you awaken each day to minimize back pain and associated pain throughout your day. I also explain why it’s so important and can truly ignite your journey to a better day every day with GruiShui.

My back pain relief stretches are also available to perform following your daily workout routine. They are specifically designed to protect your spine and all joints for improved mobility and decreased daily pain.

This awesome, low impact workout will be uploaded for you to learn as soon as I reach 1,237 Subscribers on this YouTube Channel. And soon available along with workout products at

Please join me on the GruiShui Journey for a Better Day Every Day. GruiShui can deeply enhance your success to stay Healthy, Well, and Strong and improve your fitness level and performance overall.

To learn more and prepare for the release of the video, please keep watch the rest of my videos.

Your enhanced opportunity for a Better Day Every Day is Coming Soon!

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Paula, The GruiShui Gal
Owner and Developer of GruiShui,
The GruiShui Gal, Owner and Developer of GruiShui, a low impact, daily fitness and wellness workout with NEVER BEFORE SEEN highly unique, whole body optimizing exercises that result in true core strengthening and enhanced health and wellness overall for all ages and fitness levels.

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