Ayurvedic Savory OATS | Delicious & Healthy | Breakfast | Vegan

Do you enjoy the health benefits of old-fashioned rolled oats? In this video learn how oats can be enjoyed in a new, versatile recipe for breakfast, lunch or dinner! This whole grain is usually enjoyed as a sweet breakfast meal or dessert in Western regions of the world. In other cultures, oats have indefinite possibilities! Did you know that in India oats are enjoyed as a savory, nutritious porridge? From healthful cooked, warm vegetables to an array of spices such as digestion promoting ginger and healing turmeric, this recipe will surely have something appetizing for every palate!

Learn, cook & enjoy the health benefits of oats in a new way from Sapna Punjabi-Gupta, a Registered Dietitian and an Ayurvedic Practitioner!

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Sapna integrates Ayurveda + Western Nutrition + Culinary Wellness for Modern Well-being.

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