ARMY Basic Training US (Boot Camp) Military preparation- How to train for the Army

SUBSCRIBE HERE!! Want to be a soldier? Train for the US Army! Want to know how? Are you thinking about going to Basic Combat Training, also known in the civilian world as “Boot Camp?” This video is about US Army Basic Combat Training and what you need to know before your first day as a soldier. Kevin Hunter is a former military training officer who helped new soldiers get thru Army Basic Training easier.. You want to join the Army and get ready to go to Boot Camp, How do you prepare for Army Basic Training? Kevin Hunter trained new recruits in the Army Recruit Sustainment Program before ARMY Basic Training (BCT). This video isn’t intended to be all inclusive overview, and it only contains a few basic exercises to get you started in your training readiness for Basic Training. It also does not suggest that you should follow the exact descriptions given here. Much more will be covered in Recruit Camps you’ll attend, and in your actual Army Basic Combat Training once you pass MEPS and are shipped to Basic. Basic Training also varies a lot depending on where you are sent, meaning a place like Fort Benning might be more rigorous than Fort Jackson. That matters very little at this point. If you’re serious about becoming a soldier and pursuing a military career, you’re ahead of the game to be thinking about getting yourself prepped for basic combat training now. Getting yourself tuned up early with these basic exercises will help put you on the PT fast-track, and maybe give you the opportunity to earn that coveted 300 points on your final PT test. Good luck, Soldier! I salute you for your service!

The Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT) consists of push-ups, sit-ups, and a 2 mile run. They are done in that order. Soldiers are allowed a minimum of 10 minutes of rest between each exercise, but not more than 20 minutes. All three events must be completed within 2 hours. At age 17, your minimum results for each exercise must be 35 Push-ups, 47 Sit-ups, and 16:36 on your 2 mile run. To get 100% and score 300 points, shoot for 71 Push-ups, 78 Sit-ups, and beat 13:00 in your 2 mile. Check out Army TC 3-22.20 Appendix A for more information.

The intent of the Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT) is to provide an assessment of the PRT program. Physical fitness testing is designed to ensure the maintenance of a base level of physical fitness essential for every Soldier, regardless of Army MOS or duty assignment. PRT programs must be developed to take this base level of conditioning and raise it to help meet or exceed mission-related physical performance tasks. Commanders must ensure that physical fitness testing does not form the foundation of unit or individual PRT programs. Temporary training periods solely devoted toward meeting APFT requirements are highly discouraged. See AR 350-1 for policy guidelines pertaining to the APFT.

Kevin Hunter resides in Longview Washington and hosts “The Business Forum Show.” He is the author of “Is that the best you can do?” on Amazon Kindle at

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