Amon Amarth: The Pursuit of Vikings: 25 Years in the Eye of the Storm

Since their inception, Amon Amarth have consistently proven themselves a true force of nature in modern metal, and this timely set stands as a testament to everything that they have achieved. A retrospective documentary that includes a wealth of live and behind the scenes footage alongside extensive interviews with the members, it tells the Swedish quintet’s story through both their own eyes and those of the fans that have supported them along the way. It is a thrilling collection that pays respect to their faithful followers as well as making for a detailed and riveting introduction for those new to their inspiring story. While their sound certainly displays strong echoes of the nation that birthed them, Amon Amarth arguably wields a unique aura, a “lusciously crafted escapism” that producer Alexander Milas likens to the classic bands he grew up with: Dio, Maiden, and others who exist on a spectrum of their own making. “We finally tell our tale of being heavy metal kids from a small suburban town, and we turned something we loved into our careers,” says vocalist Johan Hegg.

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