AK50 Impact Intense Morning Power Vinyasa Yoga Class Calorie Burn Off Intermediate

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to join my MEMBERSHIP CLASSES http://www.alikamenova.com/membership… for weekly uploads. The Coffee Cup yoga class. This is a quick Intermediate to advanced moving vinyasa. If you are not familiar with my style you may need to watch it first or do a few times before you get the flow.
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Power yoga
Bodyweight workout
vinyasa flow class
Interval training
One legged chair pose
Plank knee tucks
side plank knee crunches
warrior 1
warrior 2
side angle, triangle, extended arms over head
floor stretching, hip openers, lunges, chair, jumping, shoulder openers, leg work.
bridge, backbends, fish pose, chaturanga, shavasana, lotus, locust, meditation

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