9 Delicious Quick&Easy Healthy Breakfast Ideas(KCal Count)

9 Healthy & Easy Everyday Breakfast Ideas. Whether you’re a fitness junkie,on a weight loss journey or have a regular Healthy lifestyle. Here are a bunch or breakfast Ideas for you (/^.^)/.

I mainly Created this video because a lot of people started to ask me what I eat/ate on a daily basis for breakfast after my weight loss journey.
They also said that they could only come up with one or two healthy breakfast ideas when I know they could come up with 20 more if they actually thought about it hard. I personally only included 9, but seriously,there is SOOOO Many more ideas out there.
If you want you could follow my instagram or tumblr( or both if you’d like) to see many more & also healthy lunch & ideas :)

Anyways if you pay attention I Included all the health benefits of each ingredient and meal throughout the whole video,so please think twice before judging whether somethings healthy or not,but I think its pretty obvious that everything I included whether I mentioned it or not ,is really good for you.

Some of My Favourite Meals Included:
Healthy French Toast
Scrambled Eggs
Avocado Sandwich
whole grain bread Sandwiches
Healthy Banana Pancakes
& More 😉

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