8 Simple Exercises to Get the Perfect Slim Body in 30 Days

Beautiful legs, a flat stomach, and firm thighs are every girl’s dream and this workout will make it come true. We are all so busy these days, but this workout only requires 20 minutes of your time, so it should be a piece of cake to fit it into your super busy day. And if you practice this routine daily for 4 weeks, an amazing looking lower body will be your personal reward. The key to success is consistency.

By the way, even though you don’t really need to go to the gym and you can totally do the routine in your pajamas, still get yourself a cool workout outfit. I swear, just being in gym clothes motivates me to exercise!

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Squats 0:31
Side Plank with Leg Lift 1:21
Plank with Knee to Elbow 2:13
V-Ups 2:51
Reverse Leg Raises 3:47
Donkey Kicks 4:25
Hip Raises 5:05
Wall Push-Ups 5:49
Some other recommendations 7:02

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– Squats target pretty much every muscle in your legs, from your calves to your thighs. It also hits your glutes and lower back muscles.
– Although side plank with leg lifted may seem a bit hard at first, it’s super effective for training your abs, glutes, obliques, and outer thigh muscles.
– V-Ups strengthen and define your lower and upper abs, improve your balance and core stability, and train your lower back muscles.
– Donkey kicks target some of the same muscle groups as reverse leg raises: your glutes, hamstrings, thighs, and lower back, as well as your core and arm muscles.
– First and foremost, exercise in the morning. By the evening, most people are usually too tired after a long work or school day to make an effort to work out or even just move around!
– If you’re new to the whole exercising thing (or it’s been a while!), start with fewer reps and slightly increase the intensity of your workout each new day.
– Always keep your gym bag at your side, like in your office or car. Who knows when you might have an opportunity for a quick workout!
– Keep building on your routine, and try to include some cardio. That mobile gym bag really comes in handy when you wanna go for a jog after work.
– If you can’t seem to find time to dedicate to a full-on workout, include some fitness in your day-to-day, For example, make it a rule to do 10 push-ups before you check your social media or eat a snack.

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