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♥ Time to go back to SCHOOL!! I know as students, sometimes you struggle to find time. Here’s a short & very effective 8-minute workout to fit in your busy schedule. This will help you to study better too. 😎
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This is a short and effective total body workout which you can do either first thing in the morning or before you end your day. It’ll help to stretch your body, boost your metabolism and burn calories!

1) Squats / Jump Squats
2) Shoulder Tap Push-Ups
3) Lunge & Twist
4) Burpees
5) Mountain Climbers
6) Leg Kickbacks
7) Leg Lifts
8) Plank In-Out

Sequence: 8 intervals (45secs Workout – 15secs Rest)
Total Time: 8 minutes (1 set)
You can repeat 3 – 4 to make it a full solid workout. Rest 1 minute in between set to keep your heart rate constantly elevated.

To progress:
– Perform 3-4 sets.
– Lift some weights to make the exercises tougher or add jumps.
– Choose the advance version.



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