5 The Arrival

Number 5 in a series of video blogs that cover the Integrated Field Exercise, IFE14, as it progresses in Jordan.

There’s something big happening in Jordan this November. A quiet, uninhabited spot near the Dead Sea will turn into a hub of activity as an international team of scientists set up camp and go searching in the desert for evidence of something sinister. Don’t worry, it’s just an exercise. The Integrated Field Exercise, IFE14, from 3 November to 9 December 2014, is going to be the biggest and most comprehensive simulation of an on-site inspection (OSI) that has ever taken place. Over 200 participants will attend, and over 150 tonnes of equipment was shipped halfway around the world to help train them.

This huge endeavour will enable the CTBTO to prepare for the work it may have to undertake when the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty (CTBT) comes into force. An OSI is the final verification measure, and can occur when one Member State believes another has detonated a nuclear device.

Needless to say, a real OSI has a lot of risks for those involved; not just radioactive hazards, but there may also be difficult political, security or climatic situations. It’s crucial that the inspectors get it right, or they may miss a secret nuclear weapons test. No wonder rigorous training during IFE14 is so essential.

The CTBTO’s Phil Moran and the team are documenting IFE14 to explain how an OSI works, what the inspectors do, and how it all fits in with other aspects of the CTBT. Join us each day for the latest video reports from the field. How is the team holding up? What’s their strategy? Is the Inspected State Party really being cooperative? Most important of all, did they detonate a nuclear device? All will be revealed …

Follow our IFE14 video blog: http://fieldblog.ctbto.org/

See here for full details: http://www.ctbto.org/specials/integrated-field-exercise-2014/

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