300+ Power Affirmations for Career & Professional Success

http://www.pinchmeliving.com/master-your-mind-programs/ – Bernadette Logue of Pinch Me Living brings you this set of over 300 power affirmations for career and professional success, based upon her extensive career/professional Peak Performance and Transformation Coaching expertise. These statements are designed to support you to thrive within the New World model of “success” – unleashing your professional capabilities by intuitively navigating your way through challenges, giving your talents and gifts into the world authentically, operating in balance and wellbeing, being present and conscious in all your interactions with full integrity, building collaborative relationships for mutual benefit, being peaceful in the face of problems, tapping into all your capabilities, being the leader in your own life, and unleashing your creativity, innovation, success and abundance.

Recommended use: Please use a headset for best audio quality. Listen every day for 30 days to allow the messages to embed and uplift you.

Pinch Me Living’s Complete Affirmations Set is available at the link below, with a total of 24 powerful and positive affirmation audios in downloadable high quality mp3 format:

Your success is an “inside out” process. Everything that is occurring in your life, including in your career/professional path, is being experienced by you through the filter of your unique paradigm. That paradigm includes your beliefs about yourself, your life and your career, business and professional possibilities, which then gives rise to resulting thought patterns. All of this informs the inner dialogue you have with yourself, and heavily impacts upon your actions/behaviours in your professional life.

Listen to 400+ Powerfully Positive Affirmations here on YouTube:

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